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Northeast Asian Affairs

Research Institue for National Security Affairs

Center for the Northeast Asian Affairs

The Center for Northeast Asian Affairs focuses on examining security environments in Northeast Asia that offer a unique circumstance that the ROK needs to cope with. The Center also purports to analyze security dynamics and interstate relations among countries in Northeast Asia. In addition, the center conducts researches on the current and emerging threats to international security.


Director / Professor

Youngjun Kim

Major   History of International Politics
  • Russian Foreign
  • Security
  • Defense Policy and Military Strategy

Research Fellow

  • Military Art and Science

  • Hanbyeol Sohn

    Nuclear Strategy, Non-Proliferation/
    Arms Control, Strategy Planning    

  • Japan, North Korea, International Security studies


    Tae Whan Kwon

    The security-defense policy and military strategy of Japan, The military Relation between Korea and Japan, Korea-US-Japan security cooperation, The relation between NOrth Korea and Japan, Unification policy on the Korean peninsula    

  • Comparative Politics, Political Leadership


    Sang-soo Lee

    Comparative Politics, North-east Asian Security, Human rights    


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