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North Korean Affairs

Research Institue for National Security Affairs

Center for North Korean Affairs

The Center for North Korean Affairs aims to contribute to national security and peaceful reunification of the two Koreas through academic research on North Korean issues. The center primarily focuses on the Korean WMD issues, military developments, and political changes. In addition, the center provides the Ministry of National Defense and other governmental organizations with policy recommendations based on changing North Korean situations.


Director / Professor

Kyungmo An

Research Fellow

  • Professor

    Yongdo Shin

  • Professor

    Byeongjo Kim

  • Researcher

    Kwangyeol Jang


(33021) 1040, Hwangsanbul-ro, Yangchon-myeon, Nonsan-si, Chungcheongnam-do, Korea Tel. +82-41-831-6411~6415 / Fax. +82-2-748-7588