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About president - Profile

총장 사진
Jung Hae Il
Academic Background
  • Graduated from the Korea Military Academy(# 46)
  • Graduated with a Masters in International Politics from the Australian BOND University
  • Completed a doctor`s degree in international politics from the Kyung Nam University
  • Graduated from U.S. JFSC
  • Completed the EU Security Orientation Course from Netherlands Defense Academy(NLDA)
Key Assignments
  • JSA Battalion Commander, UNC
  • Presidential Security Advisor, BH
  • Chief of Military Planning, ROK JCS
  • Commander of Dong Myeong PKO Unit in Lebanon
  • Chief of Policy in the Office of CSA, ROK Army Headquarters
  • Chief J5 Strategic Plans and Policy, CFC
  • Chief of Military Strategy, ROK JCS
  • Military Advisor to the Minister of National Defense
  • Commander, 27th Infantry Division
  • Director of Training, ROKA TRADOC
  • President, Korea National Defense University