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Research Institute for National Security Affairs - Conferences

RINSA strives to facilitate both academic studies and policy development in the security areas by organizing various, but pertinent conferences and seminars that can provide opportunities to learn diverse views and discussions of distinguished scholars/experts on selected security issues of importance.

Annual International Conference

RINSA organizes and hosts every year an international conference on salient topics in security and foreign affairs. The conference invites both foreign and domestic scholars/experts and offers a constructive forum for presenting and exchanging valuable scholarly insights and policy ideas on the selected topics.

Northeast Asian Security Policy Forum

RINSA convenes annually an international workshop that invites domestic and foreign scholars/experts(mainly from the Northeast Asian countries) and holds in-depth discussions on the major issues concerning Northeast Asian security. By providing invited scholars and experts with a stimulating setting of candid and serious discussions, it helps not only to enhance mutual understandings of the participants but also to develop common strategic insights and policy solutions to the selected issues.

Annual Joint International Conference with Konrad Adenauer Foundation(KAS)

RINSA co-hosts an international conference with KAS every year on the security topics of common interest between South Korea and Germany. The joint conference provides both Korean and German participants with an excellent opportunity to learn each other's perspectives on the current international security issues and to identify possible areas of security cooperation between Northeast Asia and Europe and concrete ways to explore them.

Annual National Security Conference

RINSA holds an annual conference on timely topics concerning defense, foreign relations, and unification for domestic scholars and experts. It promotes frank exchanges of views on the given issues among participants and experts, and also helps the South Korean government find effective policy solutions to the pending issues.

Defense Forums with Breakfast

Four times a year, RINSA hosts breakfast meetings that invite eminent experts or high level-decision-makers to discuss and find solutions to important current policy matters.

Seminars with Distinguished Domestic Scholars/Experts

RINSA invites persons with distinguished professional careers or academic achievements for five times a year and holds small-scale informal seminars. The seminars help not only gain to valuable insights on the relevant issue-areas from the knowledge and experience of distinguished guests but also to identify future research projects and topics for RINSA.

Seminars with Visiting Foreign Scholars/Experts

RINSA offers an opportunity to hold an informal seminar for foreign security scholars and experts who visit South Korea for either short- or long-term periods in order to learn and share their knowledge and insights on their majoring fields. The seminar helps RINSA expand its research horizon and also have more balanced views on the relevant issue-areas.

ROK-France Joint Strategic Forum

RINSA and FRS(Foundation pour la Recherche Strategie in France) have jointly hosted a strategic forum annually in order to discuss and develop idea and policy on commonly shared security issues in Northeast Asia since 2017. The Forum is held alternatively in Seoul and Paris