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Research Institute for National Security Affairs - Organization/Function


Office for Research Planning

The Office for Research Planning is in charge of issuing and managing research projects as well as daily administrative works of RINSA. The office also assists each of research centers for organizing conferences, publishing reports, and cooperating research with other institutes.

Center for Security Strategy

The Center for Security Strategy develops strategic insights and policy recommendations to help the South Korean government formulate it’s national security and defense policies through not only timely analyses on national and international security environment, but also the annual national security survey.

Center for Military Strategy

The Center for Military Strategy conducts various research on defense policies and military strategies, with primary focuses on the Korean peninsular and its neighboring countries. Issues concerning the ROK-U.S. alliance, North Korean nuclear development and armed provocations, and multilateral security cooperation in Asia Pacific region are major research agendas for the center.

Center for Defense Management

The Center for Defense Management focuses on research on the efficient management of both human and physical resources for national defense and security. The main purpose and activities of the center is to provide a theoretical basis and policy recommendations related to national defense management. For this purpose, the center deals with broad issues including defense budget and personnel, defense industry, and defense logistics and acquisition.

Center for Military Science

The Center for Military Science conducts research on general theories, policies and current issues of the core technology and applications in the field of Defense Science & Technology. The center mainly has three subdivisions of research : Operations Research(OR), Computer Science(CS), and Weapon Systems(WS).

Center for North Korean Affairs

The Center for North Korean Affairs aims to contribute to national security and peaceful reunification of the two Koreas through academic research on North Korean issues. The center primarily focuses on North Korean WMD issues, military developments, and political changes. In addition, the center provides the Ministry of National Defense and other governmental organizations with policy recommendations based on the changing North Korean situation.

Center for Northeast Asian Affairs

The Center for Northeast Asian Affairs focuses on examining security environments in Northeast Asia that offer a unique circumstance that the ROK needs to cope with. The Center also purports to analyze security dynamics and interstate relations among countries in Northeast Asia. In addition, the center conducts research on the current and emerging threats to international security.

Center for Reserve Forces

The Center for Reserve Forces pursues its primary objective of providing mid- or long-term strategy management and supporting policy research in the realm of mobilization and reserve forces at the national level. The Center also carries out in-depth study to enhance institutional and policy development. The Center deals with the following three key research areas : Mobilization, Reserve Forces, and Provison of Emergency.