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Graduate School of Defense Management (M.D.) - Objective

Education Objective

Cultivation of basic quality and ability to develop soldiers into policy/business professional agents in the future through deep knowledge related techniques and technology in international relations/military strategy/defense management/defense science.

Major Emphasis

Major Educational Objective and Emphasis
International Relations
  • Cultivation of practical ability in national security and political theory
  • A study on political theory and reunification of Korea
Military Strategy
  • Essence comprehension of Defense Strategy and War
  • A study on Defense Policies and Strategy, War History and theory, and International Military Relations
Defense Management
  • Cultivation of military equipment supply acquisition, resource management economy, policy planning, administration ability
  • A study on economy, management, administration related theory
  • Development of specialist for leadership, human resource management / development(HRM & HRD), & organizational management
  • A study on leadership, HRM & HRD, & organizational theory and technique
Operations Research
  • Development of specialist for efficient operation of national defense resources including budget and manpower
  • A study on optimization, stochastic modeling (simulation), data analytics and decision science
Computer Science & Engineering
  • To provide students with comprehensive and professional knowledge encompassing both fundamentals in theory and state-of-the-art technologies in the military applications
  • A study on network-centric warfare and information technology architecture, multimedia and database system, software engineering an and embedded software, computer and sensor network. information security and cryptology
Weapon Systems
  • Development of specialist for weapon systems acquisition business management
  • A study on weapon systems acquisition, test &evaluation and technical system theory
Defense Logistics and Procurement
  • Training human resources to develop expertise and capability in defense management, logistics, and acquisition fields
  • Studying theories and methods on acquiring, allocating, and managing defense physical resources