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The responsibility of KNDU is to improve students' planning, execution, and evaluation abilities of national policies. Also, KNDU provides education on national security policies, national defense management, and joint/combined operations. Ultimately, KNDU aims to train members of staff to become leaders capable of handling affairs of national security.

To achieve the above mentioned goals, the following objectives of KNDU have been established:

  1. Education on the following items to selected persons from military, government, public institutions and groups.
    1. 1) Planning, execution and estimation of national policies
    2. 2) National security policies and military strategies
    3. 3) National defense management and technology
    4. 4) National defense policy and joint/combined operations for future wars
    5. 5) Items that are necessary for special processes of the Ministry of National Defense
  2. Research on national security and study of national defense/military strategies
  3. Study on policies of pending issues and strategies of the Defense Ministry
  4. Study and educational support for joint doctrine development and religion
  5. OJT support for achieving other national defense jobs