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RINSA publishes two peer-reviewed, well-known journals regularly. One is the Journal of National Defense Studies, which is in Korean and publised quarterly. The other is the Korean Journal of Security Affairs (KJSA) , which is in English and biannual. Covering a wide range of important security and defense issues, both journals are recognized as key sources for academic and policy studies on relevant issues.

Current Security Issue Analysis(Monthly, Korean)

RINSA selects two major current issues concerning security and foreign relations of South Korea every month and provides prominent experts' thorough but easy-to-read analyses of them. This monthly leaflet helps not only enhance public understanding on current security and foreign issues but also form a wider public consensus on important pending policy issues.

RINSA Forum(Bimonthly, English)

RINSA publishes a bimonthly leaflet in English which contains succinct but in-depth analyses of two selected current national, regional or global security issues. Every issue of this leaflet is distributed globally(about 80 renowned research institutes) as well as domestically and contributes to disseminating a South Korean perspective on each chosen topic.