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Graduate School of National Security - Objective

Education Objective

To educate high-ranking administrators selected in military, government, institutions/organizations on national security, planning, executing and evaluating abilities on government policies and high level leadership regarding changes and innovation

Education Emphasis

  • All related theories and practices concerning national security
  • Policy planning, executing and evaluating abilities as a high-ranking officer
  • Reinforcement of propulsive abilities in changes and innovation, morality, consciousness of moral principles, leading the pace based on consistency of speech and action, through democratic leadership
  • Improving professionalism in various fields through invitational lectures and panel discussions by specialists, ministers and ambassadors of certain countries in the fields of politics, economy, society, labor, and environment
  • Improving abilities in national crisis/disaster


Core Subject Content Note
Comprehension of security theory
  • Writing combined lecture transcript and reinforcing the connection among subject contents'
  • Concept and scope of Security
  • Comprehension of national security
  • Modern meaning of national security
  • National security strategy (peace prosperity and national security)
Comprehension of security concepts and national security
Improvement of policy planning, execution, and evaluation
  • Theoretical education enrichment of policy planning, execution, and evaluation
  • Proficiency of Policy-making process education in small groups (Action-Learning)
  • Education based on successful / unsuccessful policy examples
  • Discussion on policy -making selected from subject of pending issues
  • Policy keynote and propulsion direction of govern ment
  • Vision of government innovation and propulsion strategy
  • Policy lecture by Minister and ambassadors of certain countries
  • Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff, president of each military, etc
  • Confirming firm concept thesis for national security strategy keynote and national defense strategy propulsion direction through education on participatory government's security policy compensation "Peace prosperity and national security"
  • the participatory government's country vision and propulsion strategy
  • Vision and strategy of government innovation
  • Korean national strategy
  • Participation government's authorization subject and propulsion direction
  • Fostering abilities that can become subjects of change and innovation
Guidance of information and science
  • Information policy, management and education consolidation of technology environment
  • Information policy
  • Information management
  • Information technology environment
Reflection of sudden national security environment changes concerning information science
Leadership ability reinforcement that can lead changes and innovation
  • Raising professionalism of various fields
  • Moral principle/moral superiority promotion
  • Propulsion ability of changes and innovation
  • Initiative setting of example based on consistency of speech and action
  • Position of self-sacrifice, etc.
  • Top brass leadership education that can lead country policy
  • Research focused on success/failure of leadership (case studies)
Reinforcement of Crisis/Calamity disaster management
  • Reinforcement and education of national crisis /calamity disaster management
  • Calamity disaster conquest
  • Crisis management
  • Country unusualness provision plan
  • Normal/superstate enemy crisis management
  • Calamity/disaster management etc.
Raising professionalism through diversification of culture lectures
  • Raising professionalism of politics, economy, society, labor, culture, physical education, art, speech, religion, and other various fields
Possess wide comprehension and knowledge by inviting specialists of various fields
Linguistic education reinforcement
  • Reinforcement of international competitive power and balance sense abilities
  • Foreign language course opening (self-regulating participation)
  • English : TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, current English
  • Others : Chinese, Japanese
Budget support for language ability development since 2005