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Graduate School of Defense Management (M.D.Part) - Objective

Education Objective

Cultivation of fundamental talent and ability to aid students in becoming policy/business professional agents through learning the know-how of each field, related methods, and techniques such as security policy/strategy establishment, national defense management/business administration and national defense information system operational management.

Major Emphasis

Major Educational Emphasis
Security Policy
  • Cultivation of theory and professional business ability to be utilized mid and long term through the theories of military and non-military affairs related to national security and case studies.
  • National security policy, international relations, defense policy and military strategy
Project Management
  • Cultivation of ability to manage national defense investment business through quantification techniques and optimization management techniques for efficient distribution and management of national defense resources (NDR), W/S business management, military equipment P & C etc.
  • Weapon systems acquisition and business management, military equipment supply and contract negotiation, optimization management techniques, measuring analysis, management science, management information system.
Information Management
  • Cultivation of theory and professional business ability to be utilized in efficient operations of various information technology, national defense information business management and development through the newest theories of information administration and case studies
  • Information technology and information system, information business management, information system development and integration.
National Defense Strategy
  • The purpose of the program is to equip students with the ability to plan and execute ROK’s defense policy and military strategy by understanding the nature of armed conflicts, studying strategic ideas and doctrines that help manage it, and grasping defense policy and military strategy of major powers.
  • Introduction to National Defense Policy, Study on North Korean Military Affairs, Systems Analysis on National Defense, Introduction to Maritime Strategy.
Resource Management
  • Cultivation of professionalism and practical ability in defense resource management
    (material resources, financial resources, and human resources)
  • Military management & administration, Defense Organizational Theory, Defense Planning, Logistics management, Conract & negotiation management, Defense economic.