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Research Institute for National Security Affairs - Research Activities

  • Security Monograph Series

    These are collections of both academic and policy research on 15-20 selected, mid- or long-term national and international security topics. The research is completed and published annually, and their main purpose is to make contributions to national security policy as well as national security education of R.O.K.

    General National Security Survey and Policy Options Studies

    As one of the pioneering nationwide survey research on security issues of South Korea, the General National Security Survey has been conducted annually since 1989. Dividing into three groups- general public, the military, and security experts, the survey asks and analyzes each group's views on security matters and foreign relations of R.O.K. The survey is accompanied by policy option studies on 4-5 selected security issues that intend to help the Korean government develop national policy on related issues. In addition to helping with national security and defense policymaking, the survey also contributes to the progress of national security studies academically by providing a valuable nationwide empirical survey data annually.

    International Joint Research Projects

    As part of out-reach efforts, RINSA pursues international research collaboration between in-house experts and eminent scholars/experts of foreign research institutes. The projects intend to analyze security issues and develop policy solutions from more diversified and international perspectives.

    Security Research Papers

    RINSA provides research funds for scholars and researchers in civilian universities and research institutes in Korea every year. The final research products are collected and published annually. The funds have contributed greatly to increasing scholarly interests in security and defense affairs and a widening pool of security analysts outside the government and the military in Korea.

    Forecast on Three Major Security Threats

    Based on both in-house analyses and outside consultations, RINSA publishes at the end of every year a report forecasting three major security issues that are most likely to pose serious threats to the Korean Peninsula the next year. In addtion to forecasting, the report also suggests policy options for the South Korean government and military to cope with those three threats effectively.

    Security Book Translation Series

    After selecting and translating foreign books with high scholarly qualities or significant policy implications into Korean, RINSA publishes them annually to provide reference materials for both academic research and public policy-making on security and defense affairs.