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Graduate School of National Security - Subjects

Ⅰ. Theory of National Security

  • SC111 Theory of National Security
  • SC121 Politics and National Security
  • SC122 Diplomacy and National Security
  • SC123 Economy and National Security
  • SC124 Society and National Security
  • SC125 Military and National Security
  • SC126 Science and Technology and National Security
  • SC127Intelligence & National Security

Ⅱ. International Security Environments

  • SC211 US Politics
  • SC212 US Foreign Policy
  • SC213 US Economy
  • SC214 The US Military Power and Asian-Pacific Strategy
  • SC221 Japan's Politics and Diplomacy
  • SC222 Japanese Economy
  • SC223 Japan's Defense Policy and Military Capability
  • SC231 Chinese Political System and National Development Strategy
  • SC232 Chinese Foreign Policy and ROK-China Relation
  • SC233 China's Economy : Development Process, Problem and Prospect
  • SC234 Military Capability and Strategy of China
  • SC241 Russian Politics and Diplomacy : Situation and Prospect
  • SC242 Russia's Economic Situation and Prospect
  • SC243 Military Capability and Strategy of Russia
  • SC251 European Situation and Security
  • SC252 Europe's Economic Situation and Prospect
  • SC253 South-east / South-west Asia
  • SC254 Latin America
  • SC255 Middle-East
  • SC261 International Law and National Security
  • SC262 International Institution and National Security
  • SC263 International Nuclear Order and Related Norms

Ⅲ. North Korea's Conditions & Unification Policy

  • SC311 North Korea's Politics
  • SC312 North Korea's Foreign Policy
  • SC313 North Korea's Economy
  • SC314 North Korea's Society
  • SC315 North Korea's Military Power
  • SC316 Relationship between South and North Korea
  • SC317 North Korea's Science and Technology
  • SC318 North Koreas' Nuclear and Missile
  • SC321 Unification Policy and Integration Tasks of North and South Korea

Ⅳ. Domestic Conditions

  • SC411 Korea's Economy Policy and Strategy Development
  • SC412 Korea's Society and Conflict Management
  • SC413 Capacity of Public Policy Implementation
  • SC414 Korea's Political Leadership and National Development
  • SC421 Soft Power and Cultural Policy
  • SC422 4th Industrial Revolution and National Strategy
  • SC423 Science and Technology as National Competitiveness
  • SC424 Social Welfare Policy and National Competitiveness

Ⅴ. National Defense & Military Issues

  • SC511 ROK Defense Policy
  • SC512 Theories and Practices of War
  • SC513 Modern Warfare
  • SC514 Conventional Security Threats and 4th Generation Warfare
  • SC515 ROK Military Strategy for Reunification
  • SC516 US-China Power Struggle and ROK Maritime Strategy
  • SC517 ROK Air Strategy in the Age of Aerospace
  • SC518 ROK Strategy against Nuclear and WMD Threats
  • SC519 Defense Science and Technology Policy
  • SC520 US-China Power Struggle & ROK Maritime Strategy
  • SC521 ROK Air Strategy in the Age of Aerospace
  • SC522 Korea's Defense Industry
  • SC523 Defense Issues and Argument

Ⅵ. National Crisis Management

  • SC611 Crisis Management
  • SC612 National Security Policy and Crisis Management
  • SC613 Leadership for Crisis
  • SC621 Wartime Martial Law Plan
  • SC622 Cases of crisis management by other major countries
  • SC623 ROK-US crisis management
  • SC624 National Mobilization
  • SC625 National Disaster Management

Ⅸ National Future Strategy

  • SC911 Future National Security S&T Megatrends
  • SC912 Fourth Industrial Revolution and Digital Transformation
  • SC913 Future of Korea's Industries
  • SC921 Cybersecurity : Challenges and Opportunities
  • SC922 Future Warfare and Future Military Strategy
  • SC923 Basic Income and Future Military Strategy
  • SC924 Era of AI. Connection to Small and Medium Enterprises
  • SC925 Transformation of Media and Future of Democracy