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Graduate School of Defense Management (M.D.) - Method

Theory Lecture

  • Full-time professors and invited major specialists.

Field Study

  • Domestic/foreign country tour education.
    Classification Students Dates Note
    Domestic tour First/Second-year students June~July
    • First-year students : 2 days and 1 night
    • Second-year students : 4 days and 3 nights
      * Weapon systems major First-year students OJT : 5 days and 4 nights
    Foreign country tour Second-year student June~July
    • Selected number of students for each major (within budget)
  • Efficiency maximization of model application by field study : 4 step modelling - Planning Stage: Presentation of the purpose of visit and desired results - Preparation Stage: Preliminary cooperation such as briefings, discussions, field facilities, acquisition of data, contact personnel, etc. - Enforcement Stage: Discuss the results of the day - Result Analysis Stage: Flourish field education for the next term by feedback on desired results, result analysis and improvements

Case Study, (discussion) seminar, research paper, presentation, thesis, individual research


  • Guide for writing thesis - Reflects thesis schedule (10%)
    ※ Subject selections on Defense Policy issues
    Classification Detailed Contents Note
    Thesis title selection stage
    • National Defense Management Graduate School(Mater Degree) Strengthening of the guidance for customer-oriented subjects associated with Security/National Defense issue

      Collection and distribution of the subject related to the Security/Defense Policy Department

    • Institutionalization of examination meeting about student's subject for each major

      Major professors participation under the president of Graduate School

    Each University (Graduate Course)
    Thesis planning/writing stage
    • Strengthen thesis research plan

      Submit research plan ⇒ Submit after presentation

    • Verification stage extended for thesis schedule/contents

      Master : 3 Steps (research plan, preliminary screening, main screening) → Step 4 (interim presentation added)

    Interim Presentation : Implementation during July after term 3 ends
    Evaluation stage
    • Reflection of thesis schedule

      if behind schedule, points deducted according to school regulations

    Applys to all Courses
  • Thesis Evaluation
    • Passing the qualifying exam for thesis, writing thesis by thesis study plan.
    • 4 Step Verification : research plan, interim presentation, preliminary screening, main screening
    • Students must score higher than 80 (out of 100) by unanimous decision from a committee with 3 members.