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Graduate School of Defense Management (M.D.Part) - Guideline

Period : 2.5 years


  • Officers higher than captain
  • Govt. official grade 6 or

Subject Operation

  • 2 classes will be opened, if more than 29 people register for required courses
  • A course can be opened if more than 4 are registered
  • A course can be opened to the Ministry of Defense (When approved by university director

Course Range

  • Course registration is possible with a university under academic exchange agreement when transferred to another area
  • Number of courses per semester are limited to 2 courses (6 credits) ○Auditing lectures is possible when approved by head professor of the major

Lecture Operation

  • Up to 3 outside expert invitation lectures are possible (9 hours) (depending on budget)
  • Up to two field trips can be taken per subject after prior approval