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Library - Introductions

  • Greeting

    The Digital Library of Korea National Defense University(KNDU), the nation's largest hub of academic information on security and defense, has been providing educational and academic information not only to faculty and students but also to national and international security experts since its opening in 1955.

    Our library has 530,000 valuable books in the field of security and defense, and focuses on providing electronic information materials such as domestic and foreign online databases and multimedia centered on consumers.
    The Digital Library of KNDU integrates and operates National Defense Digital Libraries(NDDL) in 76 organizations under the Ministry of National Defense, and continues to spread its Digital Libraries every year.
    Through the NDDL project, 260,000 kinds of texts, including theses and research papers, have been digitized, and various full texts are provided online.

    Our library pursues transformation into a multicultural place
    as well as tries to make customers conveniently use the place
    by expanding convenience facilities such as RFID-based book
    management automation system, digital information room,
    and cinema rooms.

    The Digital Library of KNDU will do its best to serve as a
    representative library in national defense and security areas.

    Director of the Library of Korea National Defense University
    Professor  Ryu Dong-won

  • Ryu Dong-won

  • History

    • 1955. 08 Library established upon founding of the National Defense College(Gwanhundong Seoul)
    • 1956. 03 Relocated to the present position from Gwanhundong
    • 1972. 10 Old Library Building completed(1,762㎡)
    • 1991. 01 Library Constructed on NWC campus(NWC established)
    • 1993. 02 Relocated to Susaek Campus
    • 2000. 01 Library rearranged as a property of KNDU
    • 2000. 08 The Digital Library activated
    • 2006. 04 RFID-based Self-Borrowing/Return System launched
    • 2008. 10 An integrated NDDL System and a web-based Management Library Information System developed
    • 2009. 11 NDDL(National Defense Digital Library) System established
    • 2009. 12 Language Lab & Group Study Room opened
    • 2015. 11 NDDL Information Retrieval Upgraded
    • 2016. 10 Advanced Research on establishment on integrated management system of National Defense Research Product
    • 2017. 08 Relocated to Nonsan Campus
    • 2019. 09 NDDL System Development Research(BPR/ISP)
    • 2020. 10 Initiated the development of advanced Defense E-Library Information System(Completion on May 2022)
  • Present Status of Stocked Books (~'21.6.30. Volumes)

    Division Type Volums
    Books Seperate Volume 331,144
    Manual(Military) 9,034
    In-School thesis 21,143
    In-School reference materials 23,314
    Subtotal 384,635
    Non-books E-book (1,014 titles) 2,228
    VOD / DVD 8,333
    Subtotal 10,561
    Periodicals Asian (1,430 titles) 99,859
    Western (646 titles) 41,169
    Subtotal (2,076 titles) 141,028
    Special Materials 4,475
    Total 540,699