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Research Institute for National Security Affairs - About RINSA

  • Message

    The Research Institute for National Security Affairs(RINSA), founded in February 1972 as the first research institute focusing on national security studies in Korea, has contributed immensely to ensuring national security of South Korea through its in-depth analyses and practical policy suggestions on security strategies and defense policies. For the last forty years, the security conditions on the Korean Peninsula as well as in the region and the world have changed dramatically. The shifting strategic environment requires a new thinking of the RINSA on how to deal with new security threats in the 21st century effectively.

    The RINSA aims at producing solid and meaningful security studies that can be conducive to elimination of such diverse and hybrid threats of the 21st century. To do so, we first attempt to upgrade our own in-house research capacities and expand our research collaboration with other renowned scholars and experts in South Korea. At the same time, we seek to maintain and strengthen our close relationships with pertinent ministries and agencies of the South Korean government in order to apply a whole-of-government approach in devising our naitonal strategies. In addition, we also pursue actively to broaden our networkings and research cooperation with other distinguished foreign institutes.

    We encourage your warm interst in and support for the RINSA so that we can continue to make contributions to enhancing global and regional as well as our own national security and prosperity.

    Thank you.

    Park Youngjun

  • Misson

    A competitive National Security Institute that contributes to the ROK's Security and Global Peace
    • Conducting academic research on national security affairs
    • Developing national defense policies and military strategies
    • Enhancing academic research on subject-matters of courses for Korea National Defense University
    • Stimulating academic exchanges and cooperation with other domestic and foreign research institutes
    • Organizing national and international conferences on security affairs
    • Producing publications on national, regional and global security affairs
    • Providing research funds for security studies of civilian scholars at other universities and institutes
    • Promoting research on national reserve forces policy and system


    RINSA is a national research institute that primarily conducts research on security strategies, international affairs, North Korean affairs, military affairs, multilateral security, and defense information and science. Ultimately, based on research results, recommending appropriate courses of action to policy makers.

  • History

    • 1972.02.28 Founded as an adjunct policy research arm to the Korean National Defense University
    • 1974.12.21 Reorganized as an adjunct academic & policy research arm to the Korean National Defense University
    • 1979.12.28 Reorganized as a policy & strategy advisory institution to the Ministry of National Defense of ROK
    • 1982.08.06 Merged to the Korean National Defense University
    • 1992.05.08 Reorganized into five research divisions 1999.01.03 ‘Division of Psychological Strategy Research’ added as the 6th research divisions
    • 2002.02.01 ‘Division of Psychological Strategy Research’ separated into an independent research institution
    • 2002.03.12 ‘Division of Leadership Research’ added. ‘Division of National Defense Management Science Research’ renamed into ‘Division of National Defense Information Science Research’
    • 2003.04.02 ‘Division of Leadership Research’ renamed into ‘National Defense Leadership Research Center’
    • 2003.12.31 ‘Division of Psychological strategy Research’ added due to a meger between ‘Division of Psychological Forces’ and ‘Division of Job Training’
    • 2004.04.30 ‘Center for International Peace Support’ added
    • 2005.09.01 ‘National Defense Leadership Research Center’ renamed into the ‘Institute of National Defense Leadership Development’
    • 2006.01.01 ‘Division of Resource Management/Multilateral Security Cooperation Research’ added
    • 2008.01.01 ‘Division of Multilateral Security Cooperation Research’ closed
    • 2009.01.01 Reorganized into four research divisions and one research center
    • 2011.03.14 Reorganized into seven research centers
    • 2013.01.01 ‘Division of Psychological Strategy Research’ subordinated to RINSA (two Research Divisions and seven Research Centers)
    • 2014.01.01 Reorganized into six research centers
    • 2018.01.01 ‘Center for Reserve forces added, reorganized into seven research centers